Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Social Media on the Road

Recently I took a break from social media while I was out of town. It started with my not feeling comfortable taking photos of the day while on the road and broadcasting to the world wide web that I was out of town. Then unfortunately it spread to a crazy couple of weeks when I first came home, and now, here I am having left my blog silent for a month.

I thought an appropriate return would be a discussion about how everyone deals with social media and vacations. Do you openly discuss that you are planning a vacation, away on a vacation, etc.? I personally am too nervous to broadcast my whereabouts online but happy to share stories and photos upon my return. You always hear these stories on the news about someone putting up on Facebook that they are out of town and then a day later their home is broken into. Clearly this is not something that I want to risk.

So how do you deal with this? Is it safe (in your opinion) to share on social networks when you are out of town?

P.S. I'll gladly share the photos of the day that I did take while up on the Central Coast!